The Horology Deck

The Horology deck is premium playing card deck, made as a homage to the world of watches and clocks.

Designed in Norway with a great focus on top grade quality and lots of love for both watches and palying cards, we´ve tried to make something that satisfies even the most dedicated watch enthusiasts.


Limited edition homage decks

Fun facts

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Our story

The Horlogy Deck is designed and developed by the Garden Party, Norway. A design studio with a passion for designing products from the ground up that we ourselves think are awesome.

Already having a watch microbrand as part of our company and loving evenings of poker with our friends, the idea to marry the two came about around 2019. Teaming up with some really skilled Norwegian illustrators and artists we spent around 1 year developing the design, before doing a small batch for the Norwegian market.

After getting some really positive feedback from these we finally decided to go all in and launch internationally.

We hope you like what you´ve read, and that you might consider backing our launch og Kickstarter!

Torgeir Sanders

Founder, The Garden Party


If you have any questions, or would like to prcure a bigger order, don´t hesitate to contact us at

The Horology Deck is designed and developed by The Garden Party. A Norwegian design studio based out of Oslo.

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